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We prepare a new free guide each month to help you focus on unique opportunities that we feel exist in the investment community and could be beneficial to both your short and long-term goals. With over 100 years of combined experience in the financial industry, our team prepares investment portfolios designed with the goal of preserving and growing wealth while meeting our clients’ income needs.

Our Guides Will:

  • Keep you up to date on market trends.
  • Educate you on national and global market conditions.
  • Provide you with the knowledge to make smart decisions that will affect your current and future wealth.

About This Month’s Guide:

How Falling Interest Rates Could Affect Your Portfolio

Interest rates are falling – again. This tends to be good news for borrowers and lousy news for savers. Borrowers are usually happy to see interest rates fall because, well, it becomes cheaper to borrow money. Declining rates make that home purchase more feasible and help ease the burden of folks who make purchases using credit cards with variable interest rates, for instance. On the other hand, savers with money held in savings accounts or certificates of deposit (CDs) are likely to see their rates fall. Society’s borrowers and savers have a clear sense of how falling interest rates affect them, but what if you invest your money in stocks and bonds? How do falling interest rates affect your portfolio? Answer these questions and more by filling out the form on this page to download this free guide today. You can also call our office and ask for the guide, toll free, at 800-393-4001.

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