Developing a Retirment

Asset Allocation

Balance is not something you find,

it’s something you create.


Author Jana Kingsford’s relevant philosophy can be applied to retirement planning as easily as it can to just about everything in life.  We’ve heard it before, balance is key.  It sounds straightforward, but like most topics associated with retirement, it can get a bit complicated as you dig a little deeper.  While a zero-risk portfolio covers your need for safety, will it provide the opportunity to live the retirement lifestyle you deserve without running out of money?  Alternatively, a portfolio comprised solely of risk-assets should generate relatively high returns, but you’d likely find yourself weathering more than your fair share of volatility.

Our guide this month aims to help you strike the right balance between the level of risk you can take to grow your assets and how those risks may affect your ability to preserve your assets to last throughout retirement given the current market condition.  We help you determine your risk profile and explain the major asset classes and what types of positions are available within them.  With a good understanding of your needs and timeframe, you will be able to make grounded decisions and enjoy some peace of mind rather than enduring the stock market’s stressful rollercoaster ride as you inch closer to retirement.

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