Key Numbers

To Know in 2023.

“There is safety in numbers.”

While Euripides quote has remained logical since ancient Grecian times, the main difference between our key numbers and the ones he referred to is that they don’t provide safety as much as they provide insight.  Understanding how these numbers may impact your financial plan is critical to the development of a sound financial strategy. Change is as inevitable as the passing of time.  With the new year comes revisions to the marginal tax brackets, retirement account income limitations, gifting limitations and Medicare Part B premiums, among other things.  Understanding these changes is a great place to start 2023.

Do you receive Social Security benefits? How about contribute to a 401(k) account or other retirement account? Is a gifting strategy part of your holiday plans?  These actions are sure to be impacted by the key numbers we identify within this guide. At the end of the day, retirement should be an enjoyable experience rather than one dominated by stress over those ever-changing “key numbers.” Let’s get started!

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