Can You

Afford to Snowbird?

Changes in latitude

bring changes in attitude.  


There are two types of New Englander’s during this season.  The Robert Frosts who believe “You can’t get too much winter in the winter.” And the Jimmy Buffets who live by the lyrics “It’s those changes in latitude, changes in attitudes nothing remains quite the same.”  Regardless of which you prefer, I think we could all use a margarita (or a cheeseburger) in paradise just about now.

If you’re contemplating whether you can afford the metamorphosis from penguin to snowbird, this guide is a must read prior to flying the coop.  In it, we explore the financial considerations associated with wintering in a warmer location including costs of owning vs. renting an additional property, taxes associated with your ideal destination, relocation & lifestyle expenses and more.  Ultimately the goal is to determine whether there’s room in your budget to snowbird and remain as financially comfortable as possible.

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