Making The Decision

To Buy A Home

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Buying a home is a big decision. It can be particularly overwhelming if you are buying your first home. We wrote this guide specifically for first-time homebuyers, who may not know exactly how the process works, or even whether or not they should be considering home ownership. It isn’t for everyone at every moment in their lives. There are really good reasons to own a home, such as the desire to lock in expenses for a place that you want to live for an extended period of time, but there are also really bad reasons to own a home, such as trying to make a quick buck with no experience in real estate. This guide will help you separate fact from fiction when it comes to buying and owning a home.

About This Guide:

Making The Decision To Buy A Home

At Armstrong Advisory Group, we believe that the first question that needs to be answered with regards to any large financial decision are simple – “What is it that I own?” Real estate ownership can sound complicated, but at its core, you are talking about taking ownership of an property and all of the responsibility that comes along with maintaining that property. You also own the potential for any gains in value if the property appreciates and you decide to sell it, but you can also own losses if property values go the other way. This guide will give you a brief history of some of the factors that have affected home prices over the last 50 years, and then walk you through the different costs associated with owning real estate. People love to focus on the benefits of owning a home, but understanding the cost side of the equation is equally imporant. From there, we’ll explain the different steps in the home-buying process, giving you an end-to-end picture of the good and bad parts of owning real estate.

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